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Privacy Policy

Karamfiles Builders may collect and retain information through the website for the purpose of conducting its business. We are committed to maintain the confidentiality of the information you have provided through this website. By using this website you agree that the information collected such as your email address and contact details may be used by the company for marketing purposes of the Karamfiles Builders. This information is accessible to Karamfiles Builders staff and their nominated web producers and they shall not be responsible for any loss of privacy, disclosure of information or loss in any transmission of information in the use of this web site. Your email address is known to us only if it is provided to us and will be used for the purpose for which it is provided. Whilst every reasonable effort is made to maintain our website integrity, certain contents may change without notice and all errors, omissions and delays caused to you on the reliance of such information will not be the responsibility of Karamfiles Builders.