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Concept and Project Management

Many clients don't have the time, patience or contacts at their disposal to manage and complete a large building project.

With three generations and over 65 years of building experience the team at Karamfiles Builders are experts at taking your project from concept to practical completion.

The combination of a large team of tradesmen, apprentices and loyal sub-contractors ensure that KB can tackle any size project.

Examples of large projects completed by KB in recent years are;

Manjimup Fire & Emergency Services Facility

Sam Karamfiles was engaged as designer, builder and overall project manager of this large project by the Shire of Manjimup. The KB team successfully demolished the old fire station, constructed the appliance shed and adjoining offices and fitted out the entire facility.

Throughout the project Sam liaised with FESA representatives and upon completion of the project both the Shire and the Fire & Emergency Services were extremely happy with the result.

This large project was completed on time & on budget!

Dunreath Cottages Committee Inc. Margerison Cottage Upgrade

The Dunreath Cottages Committee employed the KB team to provide a concept and drawings to upgrade the old Margerison Cottages located on Ike Doust Way, Manjimup. The concept was accepted by the committee and the the KB Team renovated and upgraded the cottages to the committee's exact specifictions.

The result is a transformation from the dated, cramped units to modern, spacious, attractive and servicable units. The addition of safety rails, wider doorways and an improved kitchen layout suitable for elderly occupants are features of the upgrade.

Mirco Brothers Manjimup Trading Company Complex

Peter & Vince Mirco enlisted the assistance of Sam Karamfiles to take full responsibilty for the project management of their large showroom & warehouse facility as they were based in Perth running their busy machinery & fertiliser business.

This project was completed using a cost plus agreement that worked well for the clients and the builder. To aid in this process all expenses were forwarded to the clients and Sam Karamfiles was employed as the project manager for a fee based on the final cost of the job.

This method of construction budgeting is useful if there are alternative methods used, if the design is likely to be altered or added to or if the client wants transparency of expenditure and a fixed margin for the project manager.

The Mirco brothers were very pleased with the result and have used KB for other works in recent years.

Manjimup F.E.S.A. Complex

Works were tendered for a complete design and construct

Dunnreath Cottages Inc. - Margerison Cottages prior to upgrade

Dunreath Cottages Inc. - Margerison Cottages the new look

Mirco Bros. Manjimup Trading Company 3500m2 showroom/ warehouse