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Thermal Imaging Analysis and Reporting

Infrared thermography is the most economical way to discover construction failures and to communicate them. Infrared cameras contribute to :

  • checking repair quality
  • detecting long-time construction damages
  • detecting and preventing mould and decay
  • preventing formation of condensation
  • preventing humidity intrusion in buildings
  • reducing heating costs
  • preserving the building substance
  • supporting contractors in warranty claims

Infrared Thermography for the Building Industry

Being green in the building industry makes a lot of sense. Sub-standard buildings are inefficient, costly to heat and cool and can cost building owners hundreds of dollars in annual energy and maintenance bills. Not to mention unwanted greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere and increased power consumption.

Little wonder the building and construction industry is increasingly turning to infrared technology to pinpoint the leaks, minimise energy loss and money.

Things like insulation failure in ceilings or faulty insulation installation in walls allow heat loss and dampness to enter. Faulty installation of doors and windows allows excessive heat loss and poor thermal mass. Thermography is the quickest and best method to uncover construction failures which can be measured easily and seen simply on screen.

Architects and contractors are faced with new materials and ever demanding production schedules. Efficient planning, supervision and documentation of the execution with regard to air tightness and thermal insulation are demanded. Potentially unhealthy situations such as mould build up or moisture and time consuming repair work can be avoided by documenting and using infrared technology for quality inspections.

Infrared Cameras:

  • Are as easy to use as a camcorder
  • Give you a full image of the situation
  • Perform inspections when systems are under load
  • Identify and locate the problem
  • Measure temperatures
  • Store information
  • Tell you exactly what needs to be fixed
  • Find the problems before they really occur
  • Save you valuable time and money

If you require any of the services described above. Please contact Sam to discuss how thermal imaging may assist you. On 0418 919 168

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Blue and purple indicate dampness in the cavity of the wall

Leak detected in toilet cistern prior to pulling wall apart. The cistern was concealed in the wall cavity. The proprietors had no idea where the water was coming from and had previous contractors check the roof.

Heat loss in the ceiling space, an air duct was uncoupled and not visible in the roof space.

The B-Cam Thermal camera