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In-house Design and Drafting

Karamfiles Builders can offer potential clients the added benefit of an in-house design and drafting service.

This service is free of charge to clients who build with Karamfiles Builders.

Sam Karamfiles has designed many individual houses and provided concept drawings for clients over the past 30 plus years.

Karamfiles Builders registered builder Sam is a "Green Smart Professional". This gathered knowledge enhances the ability to design more solar passive, energy efficient homes that help acheive the goal of sustainable living.

With improvements in computer aided drawing techniques the speed and accuracy of drafting has improved and Sam has remained at the forefront of these new technologies. He was one of the first builders in W.A. to adopt the Chief Architect drawing software package.

Additionally KB has secured the services of experienced draftsman Phil Mcllwain who is based in our Manjimup office. Phil is a valued addition to the team and further enhances the services offered to our clients.

KB also has close ties with a number of leading architects and designers which gives clients many options when it comes to designing their building project.

A typical C.A.D. generated floor plan

C.A.D. 3D enhanced rendered image

Evolving from concept, design and drawing