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Maintenance Services

The team at Karamfiles Builders are experienced tackling a wide range of maintenance issues

The most common issues facing owners of older dwellings are listed below. Karamfiles Builders are experienced in the rectification of all of these problems.

  • White ant damaged timber replacement.
  • Re-propping sagging ceilings.
  • Re-roofing both tile and metal roofs.
  • Water leak detection and water damage repairs.
  • Door and window easement.
  • Paving settlement re-alignment.
  • Plaster cracking repairs.

Our in-house team of skilled tradesmen can tackle most residential and commercial maintenance issues and we encourage you to contact us for advice and obligation free quotations.

Cutting in a doorway through existing wall

Fabrication & installation of protection barriers to existing columns

Replacement of white ant damaged timber & rectification works

Propping & refixing sagging ceiling to commercial property

Replacement of old corrugated roof